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from Narayan!


Hi there,

Thank you for visiting PANCO


I am Narayan Panthi, originally from Nepal, moved to Australia in 2007 for university study. I graduated with a Master of Teaching (Primary) from Griffith University in 2009. Before that, I did a Bachelor of Education (ECD) and Master of Education from Nepal. 


Alongside, I 

  • worked directly with children for more than 15 years.

  • worked in different roles in ECEC services from diverse cultural and socio-economic settings.

  • worked as an ECT mentor for a few years.

  • worked as a triple P parenting trainer.


From all this, I deeply realized the need for appropriate intervention strategies to address children's challenging behaviours in ECEC services. This cruciality persuaded me to commence my Ph. D. at the UQ.


From my four-year full-time research, I figured out the following:

  • early intervention is critical.

  • strength-based approaches have a better success rate.

  • some intervention strategies are super lengthy but not that successful.

  • multi-faced intervention strategies are experimented more often. 

  • Addressing beyond the holistic approach is essential.

  • consistent, simultaneous, stepwise intervention can lead to better success.


From all this, PANCO came into existence! 

Thank you, and looking forward to working with you and your team.

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